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Doraemon Stand By Me 2 Hindi Dub | 480p, 720p, 1080p | Free Download

Doraemon Stand By Me 2 Hindi Dub

Download/Watch Doraemon Stand By Me 2 Hindi Dub for Free High Quality Video Less Size Fast Downloading Server Doraemon Stand By Me 2 Hindi Dub Direct Download. Anime in Hindi Fan Dubs.

Stand by Me Doraemon 2 is a Japanese 3D computer animated science fiction comedy drama film based on the Doraemon manga series and a sequel to 2014 film Stand by Me Doraemon. Directed by Ryūichi Yagi and Takashi Yamazaki, it is largely based on Doraemon’ s 2000 short film Doraemon: A Grandmother’s Recollections and shortly based on Doraemon’s 2002 short film The Day When I Was Born.

Director: Ryuichi Yagi, Takashi Yamazaki
Screenplay by: Takashi Yamazaki
Starring: Wasabi Mizuta, Megumi Ōhara, Yumi Kakazu, Subaru Kimura, Tomokazu Seki, Nobuko Miyamoto, Satoshi Tsumabuki, Kotono Mitsuishi, Yasunori Matsumoto, Shihoko Hagino
Music: Naoki Satō
Production, company:Shirogumi, Robot Communications, Shin-Ei Animation
Distributed by: Toho
Released: November 20, 2020 (Japan)
Running time: 96 minutes
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Box office: ¥2.73 billion ($26.4 million)

Doraemon Stand By Me 2 Hindi Dub
Doraemon Stand By Me 2 Hindi Dub

Doraemon Stand By Me 2 Plot

Nobita – following his previous adventure – has managed to change his future for the better, making Shizuka marry him. Taken by despair, however, he decides to return to the past to re-meet his beloved grandmother, she died when he was still in kindergarten and to whom he was really fond of; grandmother is happy that Nobita came back in time to be with her, and confides in him a great desire: to meet his future bride. Meanwhile, the Nobita of the future, who is about to get married to Shizuka and crown his “dream of happiness”, is seized by a panic attack and flees into the past to see Doraemon again, fearing that he is not the right person for Shizuka.

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Doraemon Stand By Me 2 Hindi Dub Trailer

Doraemon Stand By Me 2 Hindi Dub

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