Despite being born into the Abe no Seimei family that specializes in onmyodo, Reisen isn’t keen on pursuing the family profession. However, circumstances force him to learn the art.

English network: SEA Animax Asia
English publisher: NA Yen Press
Studio: Eight Bit
Genres: Anime, Comedy, Drama, Animation, Television comedy, Action fiction
Cast: Terri Doty, Rachel Robinson, Todd Haberkorn, MORE

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Tokyo Ravens (東京レイヴンズ, Tōkyō Reivunzu) is a Japanese light novel series written by Kōhei Azano and illustrated by Sumihei. It was adapted into a manga series in 2010.[2] It received an anime series on October 9, 2013[3][4] and ended on March 26, 2014. Funimation simulcasted the series on their website.[5] On October 29, 2014, Kadokawa began publishing the English volumes of the Manga on BookWalker, their official eBook store.[6]

Tokyo Ravens Hindi Subbed

Tokyo Ravens
Tokyo Ravens light novel vol 1.png

Cover of the first light novel Shaman*Clan
(Tōkyō Reivunzu)
Light novel
Written byKōhei Azano
Illustrated bySumihei
Published byFujimi Shobo
ImprintFujimi Fantasia Bunko
Original runMay 20, 2010 – October 20, 2018
Volumes16 vol + 4 EX vol (List of volumes)
Written byAtsushi Suzumi
Published byKadokawa Shoten
English publisher
MagazineShōnen Ace
Original runApril 26, 2010 – July 2017[1]
Anime television series
Directed byTakaomi Kanasaki
Produced byKazuhiro Kanemitsu
Michio Kaiba
Mitsutoshi Ogura
Nobue Osamu
Saki Kondo
Written byHideyuki Kurata
Music byMaiko Iuchi
StudioEight Bit
Licensed by
Original networkTokyo MXSun TVKBStvkTV AichiAT-XBS11
English network
Original runOctober 9, 2013 – March 26, 2014
Episodes24 (List of episodes)
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Tokyo Ravens Plot

Onmyodou magic was once a powerful technique which was used by the Japanese during World War II. Later, infamous onmyoji Yakou Tsuchimikado performed a ritual known as the ‘Taizan Fukun Ritual’, which will eventually bring out Japan as a formidable force. However, the ritual goes horribly wrong and the result of this becomes what is now known as the “Great Spiritual Disaster”, an incident which haunts the entire Japanese continent to date. In addition to this, the Onmyo Agency was established to monitor supernatural activity in the area and to combat any spirits or demons that would make their way into the real world.

Tokyo Ravens Hindi Subbed

In the present day, onmyodou has become more refined, simplified and modernised, even finding its use in the fields of medicine and technology. But not everyone is capable of affording this power, as can be seen in the case of Harutora, a member of one of the Tsuchimikado’s branch families, who was born with no spiritual power. Despite being born to a distinguished onmyoji family, his life has become meaningless as he can accomplish nothing without any spiritual power. But he does remember the fact about him making a promise with his estranged childhood friend Natsume, the Tsuchimikado’s family heir and Yakou’s supposed reincarnation. Despite his background, living a normal and peaceful life is all Harutora ever wanted. But when a group of people from the Onmyo Agency attempt to recreate the same tragedy that led to Japan’s downfall two years ago, he decides to take matters into his own hands by fighting alongside Natsume as her shikigami (familiar).

Tokyo Ravens Synopsis

Onmyoudou magic was once a powerful technique used by the Japanese during the second World War in order for them to gain the upper hand and establish their nation as a formidable force. But Japan was quickly defeated after the revered onmyouji Yakou Tsuchimikado caused the “Great Spiritual Disaster,” an event which plagues Tokyo to this very day. As a result of this mishap, the Onmyou Agency was established in order to exorcise further spiritual disasters and combat the demons that would make their way into the world.

Now, Onmyoudou has become far more modern, simplified, and refined for use in a wide variety of applications such as medicine and technology. However, not everyone is able to utilize the magic, as is the case with Harutora, a member of the Tsuchimikado’s branch family. Despite an old promise to protect Natsume, the heir of the Tsuchimikado’s main family and Yakou’s supposed reincarnation, as her familiar, Harutora has no talent and chooses to live a normal life instead. But when a prominent member of the Onmyou Agency attempts to recreate the same experiment which led to Japan’s downfall, he decides to make good on his word and fight by Natsume’s side.

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